Quality Control in Holistic Education

Why do you need to certify your courses?

Until now, there hasn’t been any Institution who has dared to put a seal of approval on Holistic Health and Education, and the reasons are clear. Because who is going to do it? Who is going to say what is worthy and what is not in a field that is so broad: from spiritual teachers, to alternative medicine, herbalists, healers, to shamans, new yoga styles and modalities, fusions of styles, you name it! Someone is creating a “new” “spiritual/health/coaching” “course” as you read this.

It seems everyone is an expert now and in this world of marketing schemes and funnels, how does a real educator with solid credentials and a worthy course get any validation in today’s market?

If your clients are new to alternative and holistic methods and are just “waking up” and seeking guidance, how can they know they can trust you? With so many new “coaches” and “specialists” and “healing modalities” popping up, it’s hard for the public to know which hold real value and holistic professionals run the risk of getting dumped into the category of “fluff” or “scheme” because maybe some people are selling a scheme and fluff and potential clients can lose their confidence on alternative methods if they stumble upon a costly scam or two along the way (video interview of how we uncovered a scam in Argentina in 2020).

We want to support the new Earth creators by providing them with a Certification process that is peer reviewed. We believe that holistic education requires a system of check and balances in order to weed through the onslaught of new spiritual garbage and the hoax healing modalities that are surfacing in the market at this time. This is no easy task!

We have developed a system of peer review gathering a team of holistic professionals from all over the world. When you send us your course materials, we review them in our (APP) Anonymous Panel of Professionals that is chosen based on the specific topics included in your materials.

The Panel members sign a waiver of confidentiality which expressively prohibits them from divulging, sharing or plagiarising the content which they review. For the security of your intellectual property and their own identity, they are not allowed to discuss their participation in the panel and their involvement is always anonymous and done through our association’s internal messaging system.

Any member of our association can volunteer to be a part of the APP. If you become a member in order to have your course content reviewed by us, you too can be called up to review someone else’s content at some future date. It’s sort of like “jury duty” but not so intense!